UpSkill Yourself !! Become A Full-Stack Digital Marketer  

6/10 Skill level is not good enough , 10 x your income by becoming a full stack digital marketer ( Email Marketing , Sales Funnel Automation , Website Design ,Copywriting , Video Marketing , google , facebook , instagram , whatsapp marketing e.t.c )

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Full-Stack Digital Marketing

This course covers everything you need to be fully skilled in all aspects of digital marketing.

  • Brand identity and positioning
  • Website Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Sales Funnel Automation
  • Video Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Whatsapp , Twitter & Youtube Marketing
  • Google Marketing (Google ad, Google Analytics, Google search console, Keywords etc.)
  • Facebook Marketing (hidden audience targeting, ad retargeting, conversions etc.)

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Here is  what’s in The Course

This is the only digital marketing course you will need year (100 + lessons) . The course gets updated regularly


Module 1: Brand Identity & Positioning

Understand Branding : Learn to create awareness for businesses online , Create brand identity e.t.c


Module 2: Website Design

Create professional websites like corporate , e-commerce without writing a single line of code .


Module 3: Facebook Marketing

Create profitable facebook ads campaigns , master audience targetting , conversion ads  , ads retargetting e.t.c .


Module 4: Instagram Marketing 

Learn to grow your business using instagram , create contents , create a starving audience and sell to your audience 


Module 5: Email Marketing 

Learn to create professional email campaigns using free and premium email marketing tools . create automations & autoresponders to nurture your audience . 


Module 6: Copywriting 

Learn the fundamentals of copywriting to create sales letters , ad copies , contents scripts e.t.c


Module 7: Sales Landing Page / Funnel  

Learn to create high converting sales pages and fully automate to increase sales and conversion .


Module 8: Search Engine Optimization

Increase your website visibility & traffic using seo tools and techniques 


Module 9: Google Marketing 

Learn Google ads, Google Analytics, Google search console, Keywords etc to grow your business .


Module 10: Youtube Marketing 

Learn to grow your audience and business reach using youtube 


Module 11: Twitter Marketing 

Learn to grow your audience using twitter , increase awareness and visibility of your brand . 


Module 12: Video Marketing 

Learn to create high engaging videos to increase awareness and grow your brand .


Module 13: Whatsapp Marketing 

Create an audience using whatsapp , nuture them and sell to them . Learn to use autoresponders .

Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll

After enrolling for the course , you will have access to premium tools worth over $1850 for free

Premium Wordpress Themes Worth $350

Using premium themes you can create professional websites .

Premium Wordpress Plugins Worth $500

Using premium plugins you can create websites with premium functionalities.

Premium Automation Tools worth $200

Using premium automation tools , you can create a high converting sales funnel .

Premium Softwares worth $800

Have access to premium design and video editing softwares . 

Who is This Course For ?

  • Obviously you for having scrolled down this far
  • business owners who want to build their digital presence
  • Young people willing to start a thriving digital marketing career
  • Website owners who want to increase web traffic, conversions, and sales
  • Anyone willing to learn high paying freelancing skills
  • Business owners willing to do their own digital marketing and not outsource

About the Course Instructor

Kayode Oyebanji

I’m a passionate teacher who has trained over 1200 students on graphic design, UI-UX design, website design, and video editing

I run an online digital marketing agency, I also work remotely for other top digital marketing agencies using my expertise to help grow businesses

I also manage an online learning community to help young people enthusiastic about tech to get into the field and start flourishing careers

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My business is now promoted and upgraded

I practice graphics design more than 7 years but I have never been proud and compostable of being in this profession until i attend this course. My business is now promoted and upgraded.Thanks you and God bless you Kayode

Abdulmalik Alhassan

Graphic Designer

Good Instructor Support

I am very happy to learn under Kayode, he is a boss indeed, he is attentive to us, patience with us, in short he has all the qualities of a leader......Kudos to Digitashare more blessings boss.

Salis Ridwan Oluwatobiloba Yomade

Graphic Designer

Got More Value Than Money Paid

Digitashare gave me much more than I paid for. From the graphic design, to the ui/UX design, to the website design, everything was top notch, well detailed and easy to understand. Response to our questions were answered swiftly and expert ideas and tips were dished out for easy understanding. All in all, I highly recommend this course for you.

Adesemoye Ayodele Samuel

Website Designer

Course is worth 100 x the money paid

This has been the best program ever. Worth more than 100 times the money. The tutorial were self explanatory. This is a very good opportunity for us by Digitashare. God blessing

Ahmed Khalid


World Class Course Standard

I got more than I paid for. I would recommend this Complete Designer Masterclass again and again anywhere and anytime. This is world class... Kayode you're the best!

Patrick Goodnews Victor


Best Online Course Ever

I must say the best online class have experienced so far. No regret whatsoever taking the class, well details and well explained video for you to follow and work with. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

Oladayo Owolabi


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